Canadian Museum Of History

Canadian Museum Of History is the one of Canada’s national museums . it is in Gatineau city and near the Ottawa river . this museum want to collect , study and save important objects . in past the name this museum was Canadian museum of civilization but in 2013 was changed to Canadian museum of history .

Canadian museum of history has about 25000 meters exhibition space . it mean is more than any other museums in Canada . this building has over 4 million artifacts , 1 boutique , and 3 restaurants . with roots stretching back to 1856 , the Canadian museum of history is one of north America’s oldest cultural institutions .

Between 1854 and 1856 , following the GSC successful exhibit , a federal government committee recommended build a museum like GSC  museum collection to be a collection for the whole domination of Canada .

Mackenzie King Estate

Mackenzie king estate nestled in the heart of Gatineau . Mackenzie king estate is a very nice place where you can spend days and enjoy the nature . moment you enter the Mackenzie king estate you will feel as back to the 1990s .

The Mackenzie king estate was created by William Lyon Mackenzie King , longest serving prime of Canada . William Lyon spent most of his summers at the estate . he gradually and eventually came to own 231 hectares . in 2013 the cottages were restored .

When King’s friends and dignitaries visited the estate , he would often give tours , where he would point out the most beautiful and interesting features . take a relaxing in magnificent gardens , visit the historical ruirs , or sit and enjoy your food . the estate is king’s gift to all Canadians , to enjoy as he did .

Gatineau Park

Gatineau park is a federal park located in Canada . this park is a 361 a square kilometers wedge of land extending north and west from the city of Gatineau . administered by the national capital commission .

The park’s area has long history of humans . in habitation and usage predating the arrival of European settlers . the idea of creating a park in the Gatineau hills for recreational purposes was proposed as early 1903 .

There are significant ongoing can’t about the administration of the park , including its status as the only federal park that is not part of the national parks system , the existence and construction of private residences inside it , residents extensive violation of shoreline protection bylaws at mcech lake , and changes to it’s boundaries without the knowledge of parliament .

Canadian Children’s Museum

The Canadian children’s museum is located inside the Canadian museum of history in Gatineau . this museum is is among the most popular museums in the country attracting about half a million visitors each year . it is also canada’s largest exhibition on centre designed specifically for children up to age 14 and their adult companians .

the children’s museum is managed by the canadian museum of history corporation a federal crown corporation that is also responsible for the canadian museum of history , the canadian war museum , the canadian postal museum , and the virtual museum of new france .

the children’s museum opened in 1989 when the museum of history moved into its current building on the north bank of the Ottawa river . the canadian children’s museum has expended twice since then first in 1994 and again in 2007 . at the end of july 2007 it welcomed it’s eight – millionth visitor .

Statue of Maurice Richard

When the Maurice ricahrd arena was renovated , the Maurice Richard Foundation Commissioned this likeness of the famous montreal hockey player . it adorns the small square situated in front of the arena’s main entrance on ruevie .

It is a full-round bronze sculpture . Maurice Richard is portrayed in the heat of the action , wearing his skates and holding his hockey stick . he wears sweater NO.9 of the montreal Canadiens hockey team . the legendary performances of the rocket , are inscribed in the dimendions of the sculpture which is larger than life size .

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