Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

Royal Ontario Museum is a art and culture museum in Toronto . It is a one of biggest museum in north America and biggest museum in Canada . ROM have 1 million visitors each year and it’s the reason became museum have most view in Canada .


This museum built in 1912 April and opened on 14 march 1914 . Good connections with Toronto university , gave lots of sources . Of course , Toronto University Managing was not unimpression . This university managed this museum about 1914 to 1978 , and after 1978 , Royal Ontario Museum worked like a personal company . this museum is the biggest investigation institute and have global activities .

This Gallery have 6000000 objects and 40 galleries and it is a reason to became famous in the world . collections like dinos , mineral things , history objects from Canada and Europe and African and Asian Arts .

ROM built on 16 April 1912 formaly and managed by Ontario Government and Toronto University . On 19 March 1914 , Doke Cannat , Governor of Canada , opened ROM to all people . the place of museum is far from Toronto City and City Center But it is near the Toronto University . it was built with 400000 Dollars .

In 1947 Royal Ontario Museum disbanded and assets moved to Toronto University but in 1968 separated from Toronto University and Planetarium McLaughin built a new Company .Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

Art Gallery Of Ontario

Art Gallery Of Ontario is a museum in Toronto . this museum located in Grenge Park town . space of building is about 45000 m2 and this become Art Gallery Of Ontario to one of biggest museums in North America and Second museum in biggest Canada museum list after ROM . this museum have office and studio and gift shop and library and … .

Art Gallery Of Ontario created in 1900 and registered in 1903 . first there name is not Art gallery Of Ontario and changed this in Art Gallery Of Ontario in 1919 . this museum have a lots of renovations in his 121 years history . in 1918 , 1924 , 1935 , 1974 , 1977 , 2004 and 2010 renovated and be Complete .

Continual Collection have more than 120000 objects from first century to now . among this , you can see objects from Canadian and African and Europe Artists .

Casa Loma

Casa Loma is a Mansion in Central of Toronto City . todays is a Historical House . this building in 1911 to 1914 built like a residence for famous Capitalist , Sir Henry Pelatt . Architect of this mansion was E.J.Lennox . he built some beautiful and famous place , too . Casa Loma have a 140 meters from Sea . this Building is a popular place for film-takings and Weddings . also you can rent this mansion after when close visit .


In 1903 , Henry Pelatt , gove build Casa Loma post and project started in 1911 . near the central building , they built a cottage for Hunting . It has 2 floors and have 400 meters space . when project of building cottage finished , pelatt sold his home and moved here .

Expense of Casa Loma was about 3.5 Million Dollars . it was very huge money in 1911 . 299 Workers , In 3 years built this Mansion . Of Course a part of this time for World War . Casa Loma with 98 rooms is the biggest Mansion in Canada . this Building has Elevator , Pool , Boling and … .

CN Tower

CN Tower is a massage and control tower in Toronto . In 1976 built in Old Railway . CN is short of National Canada . this tower built by railway and railway gove over CN Tower to Lands Company a federal company work in Landed .

CN Tower has tallest tower record but now Khalifa Tower has this record . today it is a one of tallest towers and is 9th tallest tower in world . CN Tower is Toronto Symbol and has 2 Million visitors each year .

Ripley’s Aquarium Of Canada

Ripley Aquarium is a public Aquarium in Toronto . this Aquarium managed by Ripley’s Entertainment . Ripley Aquarium near the CN Tower and in South-East of this tower . It has 5.7 million Litr water and nature . they keeping 20000 amazing models and 450 models of water .

First , Ripley Entertainment want to built this Aquarium in Niagara Waterfall but this project was not Complete and went to Toronto . this gravity built in 2011 with 130 Million Dollars and opened for all people 2013 October .


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